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Publications of the Conference ICCVG 2010

Accepted papers will be published in a dedicated volume of Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), Springer. The volume will be provided to all conference participants at the meeting.

The extended versions of selected papers of the best quality will be recommended for publication in a special volume of Machine Graphics & Vision, after the Conference. These papers will be subjected to a separate review and editorial process by the Journal Editors.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Authors should prepare a full paper containing original and unpublished results and submit it electronically. The submission facilities are available after logging in to this web service.

The paper should consist of up to 8 pages (including all the illustrations and references) in English. Either British or American English should be used consistently throughout the paper. Manuscript guidelines and templates as well as instructions on how to submit papers electronically are given below. It is absolutely essential that the submitted papers are based on the provided templates. Accepted papers which will fail to satisfy the requirements or which cannot be processed unchanged will not be possible to publish.

See here for the deadline for paper submission.

Templates and paper preparation

Go to the page Information for LNCS Authors at Springer. Read the section Proceedings and Other Multiauthor Volumes - Using LaTeX2e. Download and unzip the file llncs2e.zip to a directory. Read llncsdoc.pdf.

Download the file llncs_1paper_example.tex. If, alternatively, you prefer to do everything yourself starting from the original LLNCS files, you can do the following.

  1. Make a copy of the file llncs.dem under the name llncs_1paper_example.tex and open this file with a text editor.
  2. Delete the text starting from the line (inclusive):
    \frontmatter      % for the preliminaries
    and ending with the line (inclusive):
    \mainmatter      % start of the contributions
  3. In the remainder, delete the text starting from the line (inclusive):
    % second contribution with nearly identical text,
    and ending with the line (inclusive):

Use this file as a template for your paper.

Please observe the following recommendations (introduced in the file llncs_1paper_example.tex):

  1. Give unique names to your main file and all the included files. Use the Author's initials or other unique text strings to form your names. For example, the paper by Mary Brown and John Smith entitled On some invariant properties of the Brown-Smith transform could have the main file named MB-JS_Props_BS_Transform_main.tex and the two included figures could have the names MB-JS_Props_BS_Transform_fig01.ps and MB-JS_Props_BS_Transform_fig02.ps.
  2. Give unique names to the labels, including the labels for literature references, figures, equations, sections etc. Use the same rules to form the labels as in the previous point, so that they are unique not only within your paper, but also in the whole volume.
  3. For including graphics in the paper use either the graphics or the graphicx package. Use the EPS format for your graphic files wherever possible.
  4. Pay attention to that the text width is fixed to about 120 mm. Do not exceed the width of 120 mm for any object like graphics or tables.

Paper submission

For reviews

Using the mechanism available after you login to the Conference web service, send only the PDF version of your paper.

Important     To assure the blind peer-review, exclude from the PDF all the information which could identify the Authors - mainly their names.

Camera Ready version

Using the mechanism available after you login to the Conference web service, send a ZIP file containing all your files needed to compile the camera-ready version of your paper (main file, included files, graphic files etc.), and a compiled version in DVI and PDF format for technical verification of the compilation.

Important     Do not forget to include also the signed and scanned Copyright Form in your ZIP file - see below.

See also here: Submit Your Manuscript to the Volume Editor.

Copyright Form

Please download the Copyright Form from here, fill it up, print and have it signed by the Corresponding Author of the paper. Then, please do the following.

  1. Scan it and add the scanned file to the ZIP file containing the set of documents to be submitted as the Camera Ready version of the paper.
  2. Send the paper copy of the signed Copyright Form to our paper address.

To fill in the form, use the following data on the ICCVG Proceedings volume:
Title of the Book/Volume/Conference:    Computer Vision and Graphics: Proc. ICCVG 2010
Volume Editor(s): L. Bolc, R. Tadeusiewicz, L.J. Chmielewski

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