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Registration fee of the conference ICCVG 2016

The basic registration fee is 500 € (Euro). Reduced rates apply for IAPR members, Scientific Committee members, students and early-bird participants.

Electronic payments are possible. Please see the next section for detailed information.

Full IAPR member Scientific Committee member Student

Early: until June 20 480 € 440 € 410 € 370 €

Normal 500 € 460 € 430 € 400 €

Late: from August 8 540 € 480 € 460 € 430 €

Important Please cover the bank costs on your side. The Conference can not cover your bank costs.

The fee includes:

  • Participation in the Conference
  • Conference Proceedings - available to the Participants at the conference opening
  • Lunches and coffee breaks
  • Opening Reception
  • Gala Dinner

Account for participants from abroad (payments in Euro):
Beneficiary: Towarzystwo Przetwarzania Obrazow
Beneficiary address: Koszykowa 86, 02-008 Warszawa, Poland
Name of the Bank: ING BSK, Gliwice, Poland
VAT No.: PL 5261023209
Account (NRB, IBAN) Number: PL 34 1050 1298 1000 0022 8098 3723
As the title of payment please give: ICCVG 2016 + full name of the participant
Full address of the bank: ING BSK, division Gliwice
Zwycięstwa 28
44-100 Gliwice

Statute of the fee payments for participation in the Conference is given in the page of the statute of payments.

Registration fee for transactions via online card

These transactions are carried out in the Polish currency (see the table and the note below).

To pay with a bank card please follow this link to fill the confirmation of participation form. By using this link you accept the statute of the fee payments. After filling the form in you will be asked to choose the right payment option, so please consult the table below carefully. After sending the form you should follow the link "Finalize the process of payment on PayU site". In case of problems please write to iccvg@sggw.pl.

Full IAPR member Scientific Committee member Student

Early: until June 20 2044 PLN 1874 PLN 1746 PLN 1576 PLN

Normal 2129 PLN 1959 PLN 1831 PLN 1704 PLN

Late: from August 8 2300 PLN 2044 PLN 1959 PLN 1831 PLN

Important note We are obliged to carry out our card transactions in the Polish currency, so the payments have been recalculated into PLN. We do not know what rate will be applied by your bank and the card operator. To let you avoid overpayment we have applied the exchange rate which should be the most profitable for you and which is still acceptable for us: the average rate of EUR at the National Bank of Poland minus 3%. This equals 4.3905*(1-0.03)=4.2588 (2016-02-17; please note that this is close or less than the level of the "buy moneys" rate, the smallest of all rates, although in fact the "sell moneys" rate should be used).
In spite of our above described decisions we can not guarantee that your gross payment in EUR will not be slightly larger than that in the table of conference fees in Euro. Besides, in the case of any money transfer there is always some extra cost that the customer must pay.

Statute of the fee payments for participation in the Conference is given in the page of the statute of payments.

Fee and account for participants from Poland
Opłaty i konto dla uczestników z Polski

Beneficjent: Towarzystwo Przetwarzania Obrazów
Adres beneficjenta: ul. Koszykowa 86, 02-008 Warszawa, Polska
NIP: 526-10-23-209
Nazwa banku: ING BSK o/Gliwice
Rachunek nr: 95 1050 1298 1000 0022 5887 4482
Tytuł wpłaty: ICCVG 2016 + pełne imię i nazwisko uczestnika

Opłat dokonujemy w zł. Do obliczenia wysokości opłaty obowiązuje stały, umowny kurs 4.00 zł/€ , według poniższej tabeli. W przypadku znacznej zmiany kursu nie wykluczamy zmian opłat w zł.

Pełna Członek IAPR/TPO Członek Komitetu Naukowego Student

Wczesna: do 20 czerwca 1920 zł 1760 zł 1640 zł 1480 zł

Normalna 2000 zł 1840 zł 1720 zł 1600 zł

Późna: od 8 sierpnia 2160 zł 1920 zł 1840 zł 1720 zł

Regulamin opłat za udział w Konferencji jest podany na stronie regulaminu opłat.

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